I'm Sage Fennel (they/them), aka wavebeem.

I love video games, web development, makeup, pixel art, progressive metal, cats, and the color green.

I live in Portland, where I enjoy gray skies, green leaves, and gentle rain.


Pokémon Type Calculator

I created pkmn.help, a Pokémon web app with thousands of monthly users


I created candy.css, a CSS library inspired by glossy Web 2.0 aesthetics

Color Combos

I created Color Combos, a site to check contrast levels for color combinations

Visual Studio Code themes

I created the themes Sage of Light, Four Sages, Miasma, Toxic, and Uno Due Tre for Visual Studio Code

More projects…


I created 2bit-ui, a pure-CSS library inspired by the Game Boy Color


I created netpet, a Tamagotchi-like virtual pet using 100% web platform technologies and no build tools

Kaomoji Picker

I created a kaomoji picker site to quickly copy kaomoji to your clipboard


I created bread-n-butter, a TypeScript parser combinators library, intended as a successor to parsimmon.

Pixel Folders

I created pixel folders, collection of pixel art icons for Windows and macOS, that can be used as custom folder icons.

the jpeg zone

I created the jpeg zone, a website for making deep fried memes using extreme JPEG compression.


I created codehost, a code syntax highlighting tool for writing blog posts with code samples on cohost.


I created show-colors, an npm command to show the color scheme in your terminal.


I created img-cat, an npm command to show images in your terminal.

Around the web

Discord @wavebeem
cohost @wavebeem
GitHub @wavebeem
Destiny 2 wavebeem#8130
Backloggd @wavebeem

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